Post #19: The Magic Half

The Magic Half
Annie Barrows
Wow, long time, no read, huh? I haven't been doing well at ALL this year with reading consistently. The last time I finished a book was back in May – but between teaching summer school (Kindergarten) and starting Graduate School (which was really reading-intensive), there just wasn't time. One of my upcoming Fall classes requires me to read a lot of children's books, though, so that will at least make my numbers a bit more respectable by year's end.

Anyway! Post number nineteen is for Annie Barrows' The Magic Half, which is another of this year's Mark Twain Award Nominee books for the state of Missouri. I really liked this one; it had a nice mix of magic and wishes and a nice feel-good ending. Quick thoughts/spoilers regarding the ending follow.









This book is about Miri, who is the only non-twin in her family. She has a set of older twin brothers, and set of younger twin sisters. Needless to say, she feels left out a lot, and wishes more than anything that she had a twin, too. While serving a time-out in her room, she finds a glasses lens taped to her wall. When she picks it up and looks through it, it transports her to 1935. There she meets a girl her own age named Molly, and the adventure begins. Miri wants to bring Molly back to her own time – Molly is living with relatives that hate her, and an abusive cousin – but things don't work out the way she intends. In the end, with the help of a magical grandmother and some good planning on Miri's part, she does figure it out, and Molly comes back to her own time with her. There's a line about how magic has a way of setting things right, and in Miri's case, what's set right is that Molly was supposed to be Miri's twin. So, it has a nice, happily-ever-after ending, and as I've mentioned here before, I do really love those. <3

This was a nice, easy, fast read. I can see the girls at my school getting into this one, but probably not so much the boys. :-P

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