Post #26: The Greek Symbol Mystery


The Greek Symbol Mystery (Nancy Drew #60) by Carolyn Keene

Post number twenty-six is for Carolyn Keene's The Greek Symbol Mystery, which is the 60th Nancy Drew book. I have always loved Greek Mythology, so I was hoping that I'd get a bit of that with this book. That didn't turn out to be the case at all, but it was still a nice, mindless book that was a relief after all the academic reading I'd been doing for my Grad classes. Brief, not-so-spoilery spoilers follow.









Nancy and her friends, Bess and George, travel to Greece to help a client of Nancy's father track down her cousin, who has made off with part of her inheritance. While she's there, she sets out to try to figure out where a man who was running a charity organization for poor Greek families is, as he's made off with a neighbor friend's money. It turns out that everything is interrelated (as it always is in these books), and after some excitement in the form of a stolen wallet, a Greek mask stolen from a museum that winds up in Nancy's shopping bag, and George's attempted kidnapping, all turns out okay. You know, as it does.

This book was by no means fantastic, nor was it fabulously well-written, but as I said above, it served its purpose, which was to give me something to think about (sort of) that wasn't class-related. I always kind of roll my eyes at the fact that this eighteen year old girl can figure out crimes that the actual authorities cannot, and while I devoured these books when I was younger, they certainly aren't terribly substantial now that I'm an adult. If I'm going to read mindless literature, I think I'll stick with romance novels. :)

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