Post #28: Found


Found (The Missing, Book 1) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Post number twenty-eight is for Margaret Peterson Haddix's Found (The Missing, Book One), which is another of this year's Mark Twain Award Nominees. The book was enjoyable, if a tad confusing at the beginning, but it's also the start of a new series, which is going to go at least four books, three of which have been written and published. I … kind of hate works in progress, mostly because I am impatient and want to know how things are going to end. (That being said, I am eagerly awaiting the new not!Percy Jackson book from Rick Riordan, even though I know that's going to be a series, too. I just completely love that universe so don't mind the wait, or, at least I don't mind it so much.)

Anyway, spoilers follow. You'll probably want to not read this if you have any interest in reading the book yourself, just fyi!









Found starts off with a strange prequel; a mysterious plane full of babies lands unexpectedly at an airport. The only person to see it land is a new employee for the airline, Angela. We then jump thirteen years into the future, where we meet Jonah, who is adopted (and, it goes without saying that he was one of the babies from the plane, although he doesn't know anything about this as of yet). Jonah has a new friend, Chip, who also turns out to be adopted (and is also one of the babies from the plane, although, again, they don't know this – they don't actually know anything about the plane at all). Jonah has a sister, Katherine, and the three of them get caught up in a mystery surrounding Jonah and Chip's past. The mystery starts with Jonah and Chip receiving mysterious letters. It continues with a trip to the FBI (who won't tell them anything, of course), a weird story about time travel, and finally a huge confrontation in the woods at an adoption conference. :)) 

Turns out the babies on the plane are actually famous "missing children" from the past, and one of the time travelers – the kids call him JB – wants to send them back to the past to their former lives. Another set of guys want to send them to the future, where they will be rich and happy, etc. There's a lot of tension between these two sets of time travelers, and Jonah, Chip and Katherine decide neither prospect sounds all that great, so instead they want to "fix" time so that they can continue to live in their current reality. The book ends with Jonah, Chip and Katherine traveling to the fifteenth century, as Chip and another boy, Alex, are actually part of the English royalty (it goes without saying that Jonah and Katherine were not supposed to tag along; only the two boys who belonged in that time period were supposed to go). And that's where the second book picks up.

I will probably read the second and third books, although possibly not right now. The series is an interesting premise, and makes me want to research these so-called "missing children of history". I wonder if there's a Wiki page for that? :-P

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