Post #39: Storm Warning

Storm Warning by Linda Sue Park [The 39 Clues, Book Nine]

Post number thirty-nine is for Linda Sue Park's Storm Warning, the ninth (and penultimate) book in the 39 Clues series. (I told you I was on a roll with these things; too bad I have to stop and read something for class – and a non-class-related library book – before I can finish the series. Oh, life, why must you intrude?)

I also found out that there is going to be a continuation of this series, in the form of another family similar to the Cahills called the Vespers. The series is going to be called something like Cahills vs. Vespers. There's also going to be a 39 Clues movie released, probably in 2012. I am sure I will read this new series; if it is anything like this one, I don't think I will be able to resist!

Getting back to book nine, there are some pretty massive spoilers below, so if you have any intention in reading this series, I would recommend you not read any further. I've put a longer spoiler space up to keep you from seeing anything.














At the end of the last book, the kids got a name – Anne Bonny – and realized they needed to head to the Caribbean (Anne Bonny was a pirate, who masqueraded as a man in order to sail). There was confusion over whether to head to the Bahamas or Jamaica, but in the end they visited both places. The kids finally can't take Nellie's secretiveness any longer, and make her tell them the truth. She does so, but not completely. Turns out she was actually hired by Grace to be the kids' au pair, because Grace knew that they would be undermanned in the clue hunt due to having no family but each other, and would need someone older to get them around. (There's actually a bit more involved with the hiring of Nellie, but even Nellie herself doesn't know this until much later). Nellie has been keeping Mr. McIntyre (remember him?) informed of their comings and goings, and once she reveals this, Amy and Dan feel betrayed (especially Amy).

Well it turns out that Nellie is also keeping in touch with the Man in Black, who the kids already know is a Madrigal.

: ***** This is important, because that's the house the kids belong to as well, and the Man in Black turns out to play an important role in their future.***** END BIG SPOILER

As a result of this betrayal, Amy doesn't want to tell Nellie anything but the most dire information, notably where she needs to drive them or fly them. After a near-death experience and a glance at Calico Jack Ratham's ship manifesto, they find a Tomas clue, realize Isabel Kabra has another one, and also realize that Amy's necklace (which belonged to Grace) is going to play a big role in their near future. They also befriend a Jamaican native named Lester, and his grandmother Miss Alice. They both knew Grace as well, and provide a lot of help.

In the end the kids get into another showdown with the Kabras (two, actually, although one of them is actually with the Kabra henchman), finally learn (some of) the truth behind their family, and their house branch, and realize their ultimate goal: to reunite the Cahill family.

There's another clue for the readers to decipher in this one, and it kind of sets an ominous tone for the final book, as it says "He didn't tell them everything." I am assuming this refers to the Man in Black – Fiske Cahill – and am hoping that isn't necessarily a truly terrible thing.

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