Post #46: Stuart Little

Stuart Little (Collector's Edition) by E.B. White

Post number forty-six is for E.B. White's Stuart Little, yet another requirement for my History of Children's Literature course. I have heard about this book pretty much from the time I was little, but never read it. Now that I have, I am not sure what the fuss is really about, as I was sort of unimpressed.

Slight spoilers follow.









So this book is about Stuart, who is a mouse born to a family in New York. Much of the book goes on at length about the adaptations/modifications the family has gone through to make their home Stuart-friendly. When Stuart is seven or eight (I think?), the family finds a bird – Margalo – who was injured. They bring her in to mend her, and she and Stuart become friends. However, the Littles have a cat, Snowbell, who – being a cat – wants to eat Margalo. Stuart keeps her safe from him at one point, but Snowbell gets crafty and invites another cat friend over, and they come up with a plan for the friend (an Angora) to eat Margalo instead. A pigeon overhears and sends Margalo a note. In fright, Margalo flees the Little's home and flies north. Stuart is heart-broken, and sets off after her. And … that's how the book ends. There's no resolution, no nice ending. Also, I don't really get what the fuss over the storyline is. The characters aren't those that you'd fall in love with – I wasn't fascinated by any aspect of the story. It was all just … okay. Unimpressive, but okay.

One thing I will say is that I checked out the Collector's Edition from the library, and it did have some nice illustrations. But other than that? Meh.

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