Sneak Peek at ‘The Mark of Athena’

So, Rick Riordan did an event in Provo, Utah a couple of nights ago to celebrate the release of the final Kane Chronicles book, The Serpent’s Shadow. While there, he gave the audience a sneak peek of the newest book from The Heroes of Olympus, which will be called The Mark of Athena. You can hear the first chapter in the YouTube video below, if you’re interested.

I am seriously excited that we get an Annabeth POV. However, it concerns me just slightly, because for the first two books, he switched povs between the three main characters of the book; in The Lost Hero we got Piper, Leo and Jason, and in The Son of Neptune, we got Percy, Hazel and Frank. I fear the book will become a tad unwieldy if we’re going to have SEVEN points of view in this one, but I guess if anyone can make it work, it would be Rick Riordan. Still; small worry about a book I am otherwise completely excited for. And LOL, and OF COURSE he ends the reading on a cliffhanger. Gotta love him. <3

What do you think will happen in The Mark of Athena? And just how excited for it are you?

EDIT: Since I’m still having so many visitors to this post (Hello! Thanks for stopping by!), I figured I’d go ahead and update it with some new info. First of all, you can read the entire first chapter online now HERE. Likewise, I’ve posted the cover reveal HERE. Stop by and let me know what you think!

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2 Responses to Sneak Peek at ‘The Mark of Athena’

  1. TheEmoQueen says:

    WHOEVER IS INTERESTED-the mark of athena cove has been released. and a summary. it also says there will be 4 POVs from new demigods…

    • Merin says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment! I did update this post with that same info last night, and added the links. I doubt it’s going to be four new demigods – Annabeth is new, for sure, but I doubt there are going to be three other new characters introduced, especially considering that only seven characters have anything to do with the prophecy, and we’ve met all of them, and had their points of view. And considering that Jason and Percy seem to be featured on the cover, I’d say they are two of the four, which only leaves one other point of view available.

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