COVER REVEAL: The Perfect Clone by M.L. Stephens

I’m really excited to be a part of the Cover Reveal for M.L. Stephens’ upcoming book, The Perfect Clone. Read on below to learn more about this book!

Laura wants to have her husband’s child. The fact that he’s dead is only a minor setback. She’ll get what she wants, it’s just a matter of how. 

Intrigued by Laura’s progress in the field of human cloning, Richard Avery steps up to the plate and offers the use of his secret lab facilities. Before he’ll allow her to clone a child of her own, she must first create one perfect clone for him- using DNA samples from the Shroud of Turin. Jumping in head first, Laura’s work is successful and the shroud’s cloned embryos are implanted into a virgin surrogate. Nine months later, twins are born. One is deemed unworthy, the other non-viable. Richard demands that she continue her work. He wants a perfect clone…one that he can ‘use’. There’s no time to celebrate her accomplishment before finding out that Richard has morbid plans for her creations. He wants a clone that he can use to rule mankind under a New World Order. Unable to leave the Society’s compound without risking her life, Laura turns to her unlikely friends for help. Ghosts and angels might be the only ones who can guide her safely out of this. [GOODREADS]
I don’t know about you, but to me the cover looks quite creepy! Everything from the colors used, to the semi-blurred pictures all speak to the book’s supernaturalness. If I saw this on the shelf, I’d definitely do a double-take! What do you think of it?


About M.L. Stephens:

I’m just an every day Mrs. Joe, except that I have an unshakable fetish for a good mystery and anything paranormal, along with an insatiable appetite for coffee and travel. When I’m not reading the novels of so many great authors, I’m creating stories of my own. My family keeps me grounded, my pets keep me jumping, my friends keep me focused, and it all happens in Texas!
You can connect with M.L. at the following links:
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3 Responses to COVER REVEAL: The Perfect Clone by M.L. Stephens

  1. I agree with you (about the cover). The first time I saw it I was creeped out haha

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  3. Oh, I love the cover! So creepy and pretty at the same time. I also like the sound of the blurb (I’ve read one book about cloning before and it was fantastic) so I’m adding this one to my GR list! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this one before. Thanks for sharing.

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