Review Copy Wipeout Progress Post

Review Copy Wipeout started on October 1st, so I wanted to go ahead and get my Progress post put up. I will be updating this as I go along with all the books I manage to read from now until December 31st. There is still time to sign up – you have until tomorrow – so if you’re interested in joining some of us in clearing out our galley/books to be reviewed pile, check out THIS POST and sign up!

Our first check-in date is tomorrow, and unfortunately I’ve only managed to read one of my books for review. But one’s better than none, right? Right now I’m working on two others, so hopefully my total at the next check-in will be much better.

Just as a heads-up, I’m doing this a little differently than the others participating in this meme, in that I’m not listing which books I’m planning on reading. I am a mood reader, so making myself a list isn’t really helpful. But as I read a review book, I will add the link to my review to this list under the appropriate check-in date, which will help everyone see what I read and when I read it, and also help me keep on track.

Review Copy Wipeout Check-in Dates

October 15th:

The Truth About Faking by Leigh Talbert Moore (3.5/5 stars)

October 29th:

[Coming Soon]

November 12th:

[Coming Soon]

November 26th:

[Coming Soon]

December 10th:

[Coming Soon]

December 24th:

[Coming Soon]

December 31st:

[Coming Soon]

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