CLASSICS RETOLD: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte


Classics Retold  is a project hosted by Alison @ The Cheap ReaderAlyssa @ Books Take You PlacesBrittany @ Book Addicts GuideCharlene @ Bookish Whimsy, and Wendy @ Excellent Library.  Similar to Project: Fairy Tale from earlier in the year but for this project we are reading a classic book and then reading or watching retellings, spin-offs, or adaptions of it!

I am really excited to be participating in Classics Retold this September! For the challenge, I will be reading and watching adaptations of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. This book is actually on my Classics Challenge list, so I shall be crossing it off not only my to-read list, but the Challenge list as well. Score!

I’m not exactly sure as of yet which adaptations I’m going to read, but here is a small, tentative list just to get the ball rolling. If you have any other adaptations you’d highly recommend, please leave them in a comment! I have two YA adaptations (which I’m definitely reading) and one adult title, at least for starters.

janeeyre ironskin flightofgemmahardy breathofeyre

To Read:

I also want to watch at least one version of Jane Eyre, but don’t even know WHERE to start. Any recommendations? I think I want to for sure give this most recent adaptation a try but would welcome other suggestions as well.

If you’re interested in participating in this challenge but haven’t yet signed up, you can still do so! Sign-ups are open until May 25th. HERE is one of the sign-up posts (for 19th Century and Gothic Classics), but you can go to the other blogs listed above to see their different categories if that one doesn’t interest you.

Are you participating? What are you reading? Link me up!


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19 Responses to CLASSICS RETOLD: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

  1. Dave says:

    See my reviews of ten film adaptations of Jane Eyre, along with notes on the book (and on some related books, including the unfortunate adaptation _Jane_ by April Lindner) at my website: Good luck with your project!

    • Merin says:

      Wow, thanks for this! It’s particularly helpful when it comes to film adaptations, because there are just SO many I don’t know where to start!

  2. Dave says:

    You’re welcome! Just be sure to read the book before you start sampling the film adaptations, so you have a good context for them.

  3. I am SO excited you are doing Jane Eyre!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) In terms of adaptations the three most sees for me are 1973(the most true to the original), the 2011 (beautiful and well acted and the 2006 (a lot of people love this one, I think it changes the story a bit but Ruth Wilson is a great Jane.) Ones to avoid are 1997 with Hinds (terrible Rochester and Jane.) 1934 Virginia Bruce (bears no resemblances to the plot

  4. Quinn says:

    Another fun Jane Eyre adaptation is Jane by April Lindner. It’s a modern day retelling and I quite liked it. I haven’t signed up for this challenge. I loved Project: Fairy Tale, but I feel like I have so many other things going on to participate. But might still. Can’t decide. But I just want to do P&P, even though I’ve read it a zillion times and have read lots of the retellings too.

    Anyway, have fun!!

    • Merin says:

      Ha, that’s funny, the guy above just said he didn’t recommend it! I may check it out, though, because I’ve been curious about it for a long time but never read it because I know absolutely NOTHING about the original story. It’s kind of pointless to read a retelling without knowing the source work, or at least I think so. :)

      And I totally understand having too much other stuff going on! I’m probably going to be preparing for this the whole month of August, pretty much, in order to have the posts up for September. I’m going to be switching jobs, so want to have it all done before things get really busy with the new school year.

  5. Rory says:

    Even though it’s already been listed, as a huge Jane Eyre fan I would recommend Jane by April Lindner. The Flight of Gemma Hardy is 90% very good, so I recommend that one too. The 2006 Jane Eyre with Ruth Wilson is my favorite. I didn’t enjoy the most recent adaptation as much, but the acting was excellent and Michael Fassbender is enjoyable visually. :)

    Good luck and have fun!

  6. Candice says:

    You’re doing a Classics Challenge? Me too!!! :)

    I feel like I’ve seen every version of Jane Eyre out there. It’s definitely my favorite! I didn’t like the newest one… my favorite version is, hands down, the one with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stevens. To me, they’re the perfect Jane and Mr. Rochester! I’d also recommend watching the very old one from like the 40s… it’s good too! Good luck to you on this project! Can’t wait to see your thoughts on everything!

  7. Charlene says:

    Great choices for books to read! I especially loved Ironskin. :) I think you’ve already got great recommendations for film versions to see – the 2011 film and the 1973 miniseries are my faves though. :)

  8. That’s great you’re participating in Classics Retold – so am I. I’m reading The Aeneid. I considered Jane Eyre – since there are so many retellings out there – but I ultimately decided to go with a classic I haven’t read before. Some other retellings I think look interesting are: Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, Jane by April Lindner, Jenna Starborn by Sharon Shinn. I haven’t heard of or seen any movie retellings. I’ll be interested to read your posts this September!

    • Merin says:

      I read The Aeneid a few years ago. It took me a REALLY long time to get through it, but I did end up liking it quite a bit. I hope you do as well! (And thanks for the adaptations!) I will check out your Classics Retold posts, too. :)

  9. Dave says:

    One more adaptation I highly recommend: “Air Jane”, an off-the-wall comic-book-style version of Jane Eyre, in which the heroine is an orphan with mad basketball skills. It’s true to the book’s spirit, yet wildly creative and often hilarious. Trust me! See it at the address below. (Just be sure to start with page 1; for some reason, the pages are listed in reverse order.)

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