State of Me :: June 2013


I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing monthly “me” updates, in which I detail things that might be going on in my life outside the blog. I’ve seen several folks in the blogosphere of late opening up a bit more about their personal lives, and realized that it was generally these posts that I liked the best, because it allowed me to “get to know” them outside of the books they read. I am hoping that you will likewise enjoy the glimpse of my “real” life (such as it is in the summer, since I’ve been completely and totally lazy since the school year ended a few weeks ago), and it will allow me to indulge that part of me that enjoys talking about myself.

Mostly, though, I want to apologize for the lack of reviews and/or other original content on the blog of late. The truth is that I’m realizing just how much I needed the break from any kind of stress and/or rigidity in terms of what I “have” to do. I’ve found the past three weeks or so to be blissfully responsibility-free. Working in the education system, you don’t realize just how much you have going on as a teacher until you no longer have to do it day in and day out. Mostly I’ve been “catching up” on my sleep, which of course means rising late in the morning (and, um, sometimes not until the afternoon; it is amazing to me that a night owl such as myself manages to make it to work for 8:15am every morning, ha!); sleeping half the day away, as it is, definitely makes motivation a hard thing to grasp hold of, which has meant that my reading and/or reviewing (since they go hand-in-hand for a blogger) has really fell to the wayside. This is another reason I’m glad I scheduled my Month of Me for June; even though I AM reading what I want to read, I’m still feeling that same old pressure to get new posts up, but at the same time just can’t bring myself to do it. I have read very little this entire week and am finding that I’m actually okay with that; honestly I think sometimes everyone just needs that nice mental break.

The other thing I’ve avoided talking about on the blog – although I’ve mentioned it obliquely at various points in the past – is that I’m going to be going through a fairly massive job switch for next year. This year I was an elementary Library Media Specialist, and I know – I know – that this is the perfect job for me, or what I was “meant” to do. However, the school district I work for is facing some budget hardships (probably all districts have these same issues), so they decided to really cut the library program for the district, implementing 30 minute classes once a week instead of 55 minute classes once a week. This will allow the librarians to travel to multiple schools, which negates the need for as many librarians. Because I am one of the newest librarian hires, I am going to be moved into a regular education classroom: first grade, to be specific. I have many many mixed feelings about this, which I am not going to get into here, but basically this is requiring me to once again go into a school year with that “first year teacher” mindset; I am having to learn a whole new curriculum AND a whole new group of students, since I will also be moving to a different school. To say I’m a bit overwhelmed is an understatement!

This brings me back to the blog, and the fact that I am honestly not sure how I’m going to be able to balance everything out. I have no intention to stop reading and reviewing books, but I do think some changes are going to be necessary. I am simply going to be responsible for more this coming school year, and that’s going to cut into the amount of time I can devote to reading. Perhaps it simply means less reviews each week. Perhaps it means something else. Over the next couple of months I’m going to be looking at blogging differently and figure out my niche, or rather, how I can continue doing something I love in the more limited amount of time I’ll have. Once I have it figured out, I will be sure to let folks know – probably in another State of Me post – but I just wanted to kind of give people a heads-up that changes are a-coming.

I do want to thank everyone for continuing to follow this blog through various avenues even with the lack of personal content! I can promise that I will strive to maintain things in a way that’s satisfying to me personally, plus everyone who continues to pop in to visit me and my little place in the world. :)


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4 Responses to State of Me :: June 2013

  1. Yay for summer breaks, but boo for changes. It sucks even more when you were working in a position that you knew was perfect for you. I’m sorry to hear that Merin. If I’m honest, that’s one of the things I had to take into consideration when I decided to give up my teaching degree. It seems there are always more budget cuts and changes being made, to the point that I just wanted to stay away from it. But it sounds like you love what you do and hopefully things will turn around. I’m sure the first grade class you’ll have will be awesome, and that you will do great things with them. Try not to worry about the blog too much, we’ll always be around. Just enjoy sleeping in and relaxing before the fall! <3

  2. Molli says:

    Enjoy the heck out of your summer break, Merin! That sounds interesting but also potentially frustrating about your job – I worked doing something I loved for quite some time but because of a situation rather like yours, my office was regularly subject to downsizing and/or reshuffling positions. It was hard to deal with, but I did it because I loved what I do. I really hope things work out for you re: your career, and you can get back to doing what you love and loving what you do.

    Re: the blog. Find what works for YOU. Maybe it’s posting less each week, or scheduling ahead so you can have time during the school year to simply let go and NOT blog. Maybe it’s taking regular mini-hiatuses (say, have a few set days each month you don’t post/blog/etc.) I know I’ll still be here! :)

  3. Ariella says:

    I do “me” posts as well! I do it bi-weekly, I think? Mostly, just whenever I feel like doing one. I hope you work out your job problem, Merin :)

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