Summer Lovin’ Read-a-Thon :: Day One AND Day Two

summerlovinSummer Lovin’ runs from July 1-7. This is a no-pressure Read-a-Thon – the point is to have fun and to tackle your summer TBR list. Set your own goals and enjoy participating in posts, challenges, and giveaways! It will all culminate in a 24-hr marathon read-a-thon, from Saturday July 6th at 10am EST, to Sunday July 7th at 10am EST. Sign ups are open through July 6th!

This read-a-thon completely snuck up on me! I knew it was happening and yet, didn’t, if that makes sense. To compound things, I had a headache the entirety of Monday, so did NO reading; I will try to make up for that the rest of this week!

This post is going to be a mix of things: my goals, my post for day one in which I introduce myself a bit, and also the topic for day two, which is about summer reads. So here we go!


merinHi! I’m Merin, and this is my little place on the internet to post and squee (and sometimes complain) about all the books I read. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, where I was born, raised and still live, and am currently working in a local school district. Last year I was a School Library Media Specialist, although next year I will be moving to a classroom to teach first grade. Aside from reading, I love music, TV crime dramas (real and not-so-real), the St. Louis Cardinals, and all things chocolate. I’m your pretty typical introvert – I like quiet and prefer my small circle of friends to being surrounded by people I don’ t know – but I like to think I also have a good sense of humor and I do enjoy conversations that make me think.

I’ve been blogging here at Read and Reviewed since February 2012 and am so glad I decided to take the plunge into blogging! I love that I can share my thoughts on books with others who are like-minded and share the same interests, and blogging has made me a better, more voracious reader, too, which – at least in my mind – is a fantastic development. :)

Read-A-Thon Goals:

Admittedly, this is going to be really low-key for me. I am coming off a month of very little reading – I needed that mental break from blogging, I think – so I’m going to try to get back into the groove this week. I am hopeful that I can finish the following titles, although I can’t promise that I’ll stick to the list:

  • Unbreakable by Elizabeth Norris
  • OCD, the Dude, and Me by Lauren Roedy Vaughn
  • Belladonna by Fiona Paul (ARC)
  • Listen to at least 75% of Beauty Queens by Libba Bray
  • A Dawn Most Wicked by Susan Dennard (e-novella)

I am especially interested in participating in the 24-hour read-a-thon, because I’ve always wanted to do one, but they’ve always fallen on terrible days. I also would like to attempt at least one challenge, but we’ll see how that goes!


Because I participate in Top Ten Tuesday (almost) every week, I actually have posts detailing my favorite summer reads – including the ones I’m looking forward to this summer – already typed up and posted on this journal. So I’m going to link you to those, and also include some highlights if you’d rather not click through.

Favorite Summer Reads:

audreywait percyjacksonbooks croak somethingstrange
To see the rest of my Top Ten “Beach” Reads, please go HERE!

Upcoming 2013 Summer Releases I Can’t Wait to Read:

darknessstrangeandlovely crownofmidnight allourprettysongs betweenthedevil
To see the rest of my most anticipated Summer Releases, please go HERE!

So that’s me! If you’re participating in this Read-a-Thon, good luck! I hope you meet all of your goals. ♥


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6 Responses to Summer Lovin’ Read-a-Thon :: Day One AND Day Two

  1. Siiri says:

    The ones that you listed are among the ones that I want to read as well :-) I haven’t read Something Strange and Deadly yet, but I so want to!! I loved Unraveling and I hope you’ll have fun with Unbreakable. Can’t wait to read that one either. Now that I think about it, why didn’t I include that on my read-a-thon tbr list? Hmhh.. I could though ;-) Hehe.

  2. Quinn says:

    I’m a total introvert, too. I mean, there is no question about it. I also prefer a small group of friends (or even better, just one friend at a time) to large groups of people. My mother used to live in St. Louis, and I know she loved it there.

    • Merin says:

      Wow, she sure went through a big climate change when she moved, then! It’s so hot here in the summer, and you guys are so cold (with so much snow!) in the winter. I don’t know if I could deal. :)

      And I agree, one friend really is better than a group, although I do like it when we can get together for dinner or something.

  3. I really want to read “Beauty Queens.” It looks really good. Hope you Enjoy!

    Here’s my readathon post

  4. MsJohannah says:

    One day, I’ll do my own read a-thon. I work nightshift… So I’m on a totally different schedule thennmost. But I. Look forward to the day I can sit down and none stop read.

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