State of Me :: My Classroom, A Work-in-Progress


Today I was initially supposed to do a review for When the World was Flat (And We Were in Love), but my entire week has been taken up with Orientation Week things like meetings and getting my classroom ready for Meet the Teacher Night, which is this evening at 5pm. I have been getting home a lot later than usual (tonight I didn’t get home until 9:30pm, as I had to make yet another stop at Target for things I’d forgotten), which has left me exhausted. Combine that with all sorts of things I’ve had to print (like a student information form, and lots of things for bulletin boards, etc.), and other things I’ve had to create, and just flat out being tired, and I’ve done next to no reading this week. So, obviously, I cannot post a review when I haven’t actually read the book! So instead, I am going to show you some pictures of my classroom (this is the way it looked when I left this evening at 9:15pm) because I’m pretty proud of how things look, even though I’m not quite finished getting everything arranged and set up.

So, below are some in progress pictures! Once everything is officially set up, I will share some other pictures so you can see the final result. You know, in case you’re interested. :)

wip1Okay, obviously this is a VERY messy shot. However, it gives you an idea of how the room itself is set up. I was standing just inside the door as I took this. The set of desks right in front has all kinds of paperwork on it from the meetings, as well as the supplies I was using (that box is empty and no longer there). The desks at the top left have all kinds of manipulatives and things for my small reading groups that I have to sort through still and get on the shelves. The vent along the wall under the blinds has all kinds of stuff on it that just needs to be organized. The next time you see this shot, it will be a lot more neat and orderly, I promise! (And don’t you just love the bulletin board directly behind the TV? Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.)

wip2The other side of the room. That’s a cute owl rug on the floor in front of the sink that I found on one of my trips to Target. The board is going to hold my Voice Level charts and lunch count, and probably some other things I’m not thinking of right now. None of the bulletin boards are done because the laminating machine is broken (OH, NO!), and also because I don’t have all of my orders yet. (Ignore the TV; I was watching the Cardinals game as I worked.) I especially love the way they mounted the soap and paper towel dispensers right on the bulletin boards, don’t you?

wip3The cleanest side of the room! My desk is super messy still, but you can see my cute owl pillow on the right, and the kids’ book boxes and extra supply boxes. The train along the top is for the Word Wall. They have cubbies in the hallway so won’t be using those hooks, which is good because I needed the space to house all of their materials. The closest bookcase holds games and puzzles, the middle math manipulatives, and the last a mix of things I didn’t know where else to put. :-P

wip4This is the cabinet that’s right inside the door, which is to the immediate left of this picture. You can see my owl clip chart (which is used for behavior management – each child gets a clothespin with their name on it and they can clip up or down depending on their behavior), and half of my kids’ names on the left (I’d run out of double-sided tape so couldn’t finish). The fabric on the wall covers up the UGLIEST bulletin board I have ever seen (seriously, it had holes in it, and the paint was peeling off of it, and it was just hideous), and adds a pop of color to the corner. All of those stupid rectangle spots are from the velcro that the previous teacher had on the door for their lunch count, but they were up WAY too high for my little ones so I pulled them all off. I wish the remnants weren’t so terrible to look at, but what can you do? Above the owl is going to go a poster that says “OWL-standing Behavior” so the worst of it will at least be covered.

So that’s my classroom! Obviously it will look better once everything is in its proper place (also, I had one set of lights off, which is why the first picture is so dark) and I get some more things up on the walls, but I’m really pleased with the way everything’s coming together. I shall be sharing more pictures soon!

What do you think? How does it look to you? Hopefully you think it’s as cute and colorful as I do!


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4 Responses to State of Me :: My Classroom, A Work-in-Progress

  1. It’s so cute and colorful, Merin! I love owl theme and the row of colorful bins and the way you decorated the cabinets. I start my student teaching in 3 weeks, although for high school, not elementary. It makes me so excited to think that it won’t be too long before I am decorating my own classroom. Great post!

  2. Molli says:

    The owl theme is ADORABLE, Merin! I think the kids will like that. I love how bright and open your classroom is. :)

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

    • Merin says:

      Thanks, Molli! It’s a pretty good space, although our numbers are kind of high, so a lot of that space is taken up by their desks. But I’ll get everything figured out at some point! :)

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