On Hiatus


As the picture says, Read and Reviewed is currently taking a little mini-break. But fear not, because I really do mean “mini”! I plan on being back next Monday to kick off Bout of Books 8.0, and shall hopefully be back to having more regular posts at that time. However, I am officially back to work as of today, and as I prepared for the new school year – sometimes being at work extremely late as I worked on my classroom – I literally read absolutely nothing, which makes writing reviews impossible. I am hoping to slowly get back into the reading swing of things this week, and am aiming to resume my reviewing schedule on Monday.

There will be some changes, though, because while I used to post two to three reviews each week, I will most likely be cutting back a lot on that at least for the next few weeks as I adjust to being a classroom teacher for the first time. I have 22 little ones relying on me to teach them math, reading, science and social studies, and obviously they need my focus and attention right now more than anyone else. I have no intention of giving up blogging – I really do love it too much for that! – but my posts may be a bit more slow in coming until I can get myself used to the ins and outs of this job and the necessary responsibilities. Please be patient with me as I get things figured out in a way that will keep blogging fun for me but also balanced out with everything else I need to do.

I do have some really fun events coming up, like Blog Tour stops and participating in the Debut Author Bash, as well as Classics Retold month in September, and am really excited to bring those to all of you who follow little old me. While things may look different here, I do hope you’ll stick around to follow me through on my next great adventure. 1st Grade, here I come!


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5 Responses to On Hiatus

  1. Chris says:

    That’s great that you are a classroom teacher now. How exciting! Good luck with the new school year.

    • Merin says:

      It’s a little daunting. I was a school librarian last year, so the transition to the classroom has required a lot of extra hours and time and work.

  2. Good luck with your first week of school! I have some friends who teach elementary-age children and I taught for one summer as well. It’s definitely hard work, but also fun and rewarding. So I hope you do end up enjoying your first week, Merin!

  3. Molli says:

    Playing catch up, but good luck with all things school-wise, Merin!!!

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