Merin’s Musings #1 :: Organizing Your Blog Schedule

So I’ve decided on a name for the catch-all feature I’ve been contemplating for a while now! I’m going to use the ever-so-generic “Merin’s Musings” title for any and all sundry topics I want to discuss. Clever, right? I am going to aim for having new Musings topics each week, which I will post on Thursdays.

Today’s Musing Topic is: Blog Organization (ie. How to Decide What to Post and When)

I don’t know how most of you come up with your blog’s posting schedule – or if you even use a schedule – but I like having new content for my blog each of the five weekdays at the very least. With the vast drop in amount of books read of late (like, two total for the entire month of August; I fail!) for me personally, it’s been a struggle to have those five consistent posts each week. I like participating in memes on Tuesday and Wednesday (Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday, to be specific), but when you aren’t generating any original content, it doesn’t look all that great to new visitors when all that’s on your blog’s front page is memes. I kind of want to make a banner that says “I do review books! No, really!” because that sure doesn’t appear to be the case at first glance. I am well aware of this, and while I wouldn’t say I’m stressing about it – if I were really agitated about it, I would be forcing myself to read even when I’m exhausted and/or trying to do other things (like go to work every day, haha) – it is something I have been thinking about, especially with each day that goes by that I don’t do at least a little reading (like tonight; tonight I was grading papers. Please curb your excitement!).

So that brings me to today’s topic: How many posts per week are your norm? Do you schedule them in advance? Do you have features that you post on specific days, and how far in advance do you write up those posts if the answer is yes? How many reviews do you try to mix in with your other posts each week? How many memes do you participate in? How many more questions can I ask you to answer?

For me personally, like I said, I do two memes per week on the average, and also participate in Stacking the Shelves every other Saturday (although I think I’m going to change this to monthly hauls). I do schedule my Waiting on Wednesday posts in advance; I have a folder in which I keep book covers of future WoW picks, and I’ll do a month’s posts at one time, deleting the covers from the folder as I use them so I don’t have any duplicates. I try to get ahead on Top Ten Tuesday posts, but usually am doing those the Sunday before, just because my week is so busy and tiring and I’m sort of crazy by the end of the day. I do love that they give their topics in advance, though, so that I COULD get ahead if I really wanted to. I think that’s really helpful to folks who are anal-retentive and like to have a lot of posts scheduled in advance.

I also use the Draft feature a lot for my reviews. I’ll start the post, adding in the book information and placeholders for my rating and review, edit the date to when I’m hoping to post the review (of late, I’ve been postponing a whole bunch of posts, of course, but the intention to read and review has been there), and then save the post as a draft so I can just add the final touches and then officially schedule it. I do this so I can see the list of posts and the dates I have things scheduled for all laid out in a nice, easy-to-read format, and also because I’m a tad anal and want things put together in a useful way. I don’t always stick to the posting schedule – in fact, the whole month of August was WAY off – but this gives me a nice foundation to work with, and I don’t worry overly much if I need to make changes.

So there’s a little insight into how I try to do things here at Read and Reviewed. Does anyone else use some of the same ideas I do? Any tips to making things easier? The floor is officially yours!


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13 Responses to Merin’s Musings #1 :: Organizing Your Blog Schedule

  1. Quinn says:

    Awesome post. And I like the name “Merin’s Musings.” It’s cute.

    Anyway, Ideally I post 3 reviews a week (usually Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday). Of course, when I get into a reading drought, that makes it really difficult. I do try to always have 2 reviews a week, though (Monday & Thursday).

    As for memes, I participate in Stacking the Shelves, Top Ten Tuesday and Friday Hop. Sometimes, if I’m really struggling with content I will participate in Waiting on Wednesday, but very rarely.

    I personally love having a set schedule. I know everyong Monday and Thursday I post a review, every Tuesday is TTT, every Saturday is StS. It’s best for me. I am flexible of course, though. Wednesday is my flexible day, especially if I don’t have enough reviews.

    I don’t schedule my posts much in advance, but that’s just because I usually don’t have it together. I dfeinitely use the draft feature though. I love that! I will usually draft my review shortly after finishing the book, and then the night before I publish the post, I edit the review to make it the best it can.

    • Merin says:

      I’m really going to aim for two reviews a week most weeks. Of course, I once again haven’t touched a book in several days; when you don’t get home until 5:30/6-ish, and then have to eat dinner, plus have a multitude of papers to grade nightly (my kids generate a lot of papers), reading really falls by the wayside. I’ve really got to find a better system to manage my time and energy.

      I also like having a schedule. I think it really helps the people who follow me consistently know what I’m going to be posting when, plus it helps me know what’s coming up and when. I do use the calendar on my MacBook to keep track of events like blog tours and memes, and used to decide what I was going to read each week by adding titles to the calendar as well. But since I haven’t BEEN reading, and when I do it’s definitely been majorly decided by my mood, I’ve given up on that. I don’t think I’ve updated my calendar in a few weeks because I know I’m not actually going to read the book(s) I put on it1

  2. This is a great post. For me I like to post something every day but that was getting overwhelming so now Aidan is coblogging with me!

  3. I used to draft a lot of my posts when my book was 7 months old & below. Now, idk what happened, when I start writing my post, I finish it, and then schedule a post immediately. I have posts scheduled all the way to November (crazayyy). So far I have posted 4 or 5 discussion posts published and I already wrote the 10th one. There are those days where I just feel like writing reviews and discussion posts, but I have my lazy days which I regret when I look back lol.

    My norm review post per week is 2 or 3. Besides that, I post a Stacking the Shelves post and discussion posts. I like having new posts every other day because everyday would be too much for me, and I also like it when other blogs doesn’t post reviews (etc.) every single day. So I guess I post 3-5 posts per week.


    • Merin says:

      Ha! I don’t think I’ve ever been on a review-writing spree, but that could be because I haven’t read anything TO review. Normally I’ll type up the review right after finishing a book, because that’s when it’s freshest in my mind. But I use the Draft feature to get the title/author/synopsis/etc. info typed up beforehand, so that I just have to write the actual review and not the book’s data when I’m finished. It probably really doesn’t save me any time at all, but I like to think it does, and that makes all the difference. :)

      It seems like 3-5 posts/week is the norm around here!

  4. Molli says:

    I like memes, too, and I’ve just recently started participating in TTT again after taking a few months off – I was a bit burned out on memes. I want to focus mostly on original content with some memes added in. I do STS sometimes but I try to only do it once a month or so, since it’s so time consuming – filming a vlog, editing, adding links, etc.

    I cut back on posting this summer since it seemed like a lot of people were doing it, and it felt right for me. I’m hoping that I can get back to posting more consistently this fall – I’m aiming for 4 posts a week to start, then I may work my way back up to 5 posts a week eventually, if I feel like I CAN between work, writing, and everything else.

    • Merin says:

      Yes, balancing the blog with all your other responsibilities is hard. It’s what I’m struggling with the most at this point, and I’ve been back to work for a month now. I did go through a lag in reading last year around this time as well, and managed to work myself out, though, so I’m hoping that will happen again.

  5. Book Blather says:

    I do not have the time to keep a blog schedule, but I think my blog would be in better shape if I did! lol. Just worried I’d never have time to post or eat or sleep if I did have one…

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  7. Nara says:

    I do like having a schedule. It helps me be somewhat organised haha. I post three times weekly and only do memes once a month :) My coblogger also does one review a week. I actually plan out the entire months’ posts at the start of the month, but don’t usually stick to it to be honest, as new review books and things pop up all the time. I just like to have the schedule there so I know what books I need to read by what date. Because otherwise I definitely would not be able to keep track at all haha. I use the drafting method as well!
    Nice post Merin!

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