State of Me :: A Classroom Update


So, I realized that I never posted updated pictures of my classroom, thus leaving you with the impression that my room is a mess (as seen in the last pictures I posted). It is not a mess! Or at least, it isn’t a mess at the start of the day; it does get progressively more cluttered as the day progresses until the custodian vacuums. I do teach first grade after all!

In the above-linked pictures, I had a whole bunch of blank bulletin boards. Those bulletin boards have now been filled, so I wanted to share some updated pictures with you, so you can see what my room looks like now that we’re nearly a month into the school year. I’ve gotten compliments that the room is cute, and the kids seem to like it, so I consider that a success! Keep in mind that some things are still works in progress – I need to get things put together for centers, for instance – but this will pretty much be what the room looks like from here on out.


This was what the room looked like for Meet the Teacher Night back on August 8th. The papers on the kids’ desks were things their parents needed to fill out. I’ve since added things to the green chalkboard (which I don’t use as a board and isn’t QUITE done yet), and the blue bulletin board is now decorated (see below), but otherwise this is precisely what the room looks like!


This is our gathering spot, where we do calendar and have our Morning Meetings. All of my kids (for the most part) fit on that carpet, which I bought for only $40 from Ashley Home Furniture. It was a former display carpet, so it’s a little worn on two of the corners, but you can’t tell. I love the design and the colors. And sorry about the glare in this picture; the overhead lights are very bright!


Here is our Classroom Jobs chart, which hangs on the blue bulletin board seen above. My theme is Owls, and because I couldn’t find a job chart that I loved that had all the jobs I wanted, I decided instead to just make my own. Talk about time consuming, though! (If you’d like to see all of the individual job cards, you can do that HERE.) The kids’ names are held up by thumbtacks, and I’ll just rotate them around every two weeks.


This is how the kids’ select their lunch choice each morning, and hangs on the green chalkboard that you saw in the first picture. Each child has an owl with their name on it, and they select their lunch when they come in to the classroom. I used some fancy masking tape to make the different columns, and bought the lunch count headers from Teachers Pay Teachers, then affixed everything to the board with magnets. (Also, I think it’s funny that someone regimentally put all of Choice 1 in two columns but left the other two as they were.)


Here is the bulletin board that’s above the sink, which displays our class’ birthdays. Each child has a candle, which has their name on it and their birthdate. We have our first birthdays coming up this month, and my kids are very excited about it. The bulletin board that’s to the right of this one – you can just see the owl border in the lower right corner – has our tooth chart on it. We’ve already lost four teeth this school year!


And this is just a cute Owl timer that I bought from Bed, Bath and Beyond because I needed a timer and wanted something that fit the theme of my room. Love it!


And here is what my room looks like right now. The chairs are up because I took this right before the kids came in the room (the room is too messy to take pictures to share at the end of the day!). We do breakfast in the classroom every morning (it’s a federally-funded program), which you can see on the table in the back of the picture. I finally decided to just punch holes in my days of the week/months of the year posters and hung them from the wire along the back, along with my hundreds chart and my PBIS rules/procedures (which you can’t see), because this room is extremely short on wall space and I wanted to have them up somewhere. I still need to add some things to the board next to the calendar (and switch out the calendar itself because this one isn’t the right size), post my objectives poster (which I just ordered), etc., but the room is pretty much done. It’s a HUGE difference from how it looked when I first started putting things together, though!

So that’s my room! Like I said, small things will still be changing – like the mess that’s currently behind my desk, which consists of a whole bunch of piles of paper that have no order to them whatsoever – but this definitely gives you the gist. I was going for bright, cheerful and colorful, and think I have succeeded quite nicely. Now I just need to focus on the actual teaching! That shouldn’t be too hard, right?


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6 Responses to State of Me :: A Classroom Update

  1. Your room is so clean and organized. What grades do you teach?

    • Merin says:

      My room only looks clean because the picture was taken in the morning! By the end of the day the place is a bit of a wreck. :))

      And I teach first grade!

  2. laurenroedyvaughn says:

    I love elementary teachers and their gifts of organization and showmanship. Your classroom is wonderful, and your students are lucky to have you. Have a great year.

    • Merin says:

      Aww, thank you! I purposely didn’t show the messiest part of my room, which is the area behind my desk. I have stacks of paper EVERYWHERE. It is really rather ridiculous, and I just need to take one of my planning periods to actually sort through it all. Probably a lot of it just needs to be filed into my filing cabinet and then I’d be done with it!

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