#BookADay :: Would Save If My House Burned Down


The Borough Press is encouraging everyone to tweet a #BookADay all throughout June to celebrate Independent Booksellers Week, which begins 28th June. My posts can also be found on my Tumblr!

bookaday30Would Save If My House Burned Down: My Kindle!

Okay, I’m probably the odd person out here, but I don’t have any deep emotional attachment to any of my books. Or, at least, not that I can really think of. I don’t have that special book that was given to me by [insert relative or person I love here], and the ones I do really care about – memory books filled out by my Grandma and Grandpa – aren’t actually physically in my house with me, so I couldn’t grab them even if I wanted to. So, instead, I am defaulting to my Kindle – named Lúthien from the Tale of Beren and Lúthien by JRR Tolkien – because this little baby holds multiple stories, with even more at my fingertips so long as I have Wifi. I mean, if I’m going to only be able to save one thing, why not have it be an entire library of awesome things?


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