Top Ten Characters I’d Want With Me on A Deserted Island


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they will post a new Top Ten list that one of the bloggers there at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join!

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic was actually really fun to put together! While I don’t plan on ever getting stranded on a deserted island (who does, really?) – and even if I did, these folks wouldn’t be much help since they’re, you know, not real – it was fun to really look at the characters I’ve read about and see who would actually be the biggest help. I tried to really stay with people who could actually help me get off the island; after all, resourcefulness is pretty darn sexy!




From the Percy Jackson & the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus Series

Okay, he’s possibly cheating. But come on, the guy’s a son of Poseidon, which means he can control water creatures AND breathe underwater. Seems pretty handy to have around, not to mention the amusement his snark and sass could help bring about!


From the Hunger Games Series

She’s good at hunting, and knows her wild plants. She’s definitely a necessity if I want to stay alive on this strange, deserted island!


From the Heroes of Olympus Series

This guy is good at building things, and in fact, builds himself a raft to get off his own deserted island in The House of Hades. Plus he’s hilarious, and could help keep the mood on the island from getting too serious.


From the Harry Potter Series

Magic can’t be anything but helpful, right? Plus she’s smart, so could help us all figure out what to do.


From The Lord of the Rings

Good at tracking, plus he knows some healing tricks, which I would imagine would come in handy. And he’s good with weapons, so could help keep everyone (namely ME) safe.


From The Chronicles of Narnia Series

Since there’re lots of strong personalities on this island, someone versed in diplomacy would be a good addition to the group. After all, he’s known as King Edmund the Just, right? Plus he’s handy with a sword, so, you know. That whole protection thing again.


From the Something Strange and Deadly Series

Eleanor is a feisty lady, who’s strong and determined. I’d like to think those qualities would come in handy as we work to get off the island!


From the White Rabbit Chronicles

Okay, I don’t think zombies are really going to be an issue on this island (at least, I hope not), but JUST IN CASE it’s probably a good idea to have someone around who’s well-versed in fighting them. Plus he’s extremely nice to look at. What can I say? Eye candy is never a bad thing!


From The Dispossessed Trilogy

If Luc manages to get swept away to this island, then it would be considered his territory, right? So he’d have to save all of us “living” there. He’s a strong protector, and he can fly and heal people, so I consider that a win-win all around.


From the Pivot Point Duology

Addie has the ability to “search” two different paths to see which one she should take. This would be extremely helpful to a group trying to get off a deserted island!


So those are my ten characters! Who did you pick? Please link me!


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17 Responses to Top Ten Characters I’d Want With Me on A Deserted Island

  1. ChrissiReads says:

    We have two characters in common this week! Hermione and Katniss. I have a feeling they’ll be on a lot of lists. You’ve got some great choices.

  2. Haha, I like your list. Katniss and Percy are especially great choices. I narrowed my list down to Harry Potter characters and so we have Hermione in common!

  3. Briana says:

    I really like the Katniss and Aragorn picks. I think, even just between the two of them, you’d be able to survive that island!

  4. Anne Bennett says:

    I don’t recognize most of these characters but I like your font styles!

  5. Jazmin Jade says:

    I have Katniss and Percy too. I wish I had thought of Aragorn and I have seen many people putting Hermione on their lists. I wonder why she didn’t even occur to me.

  6. Carol says:

    Percy is such a good one to have on your list! I wish I’d thought of him!

  7. Jess Gofton says:

    I love that you included Edmund – great choice! ^__^ I think you have a really great selection here. With people like Katniss, Percy and Aragorn there something tells me you wouldn’t stay stranded for long!

  8. I didn’t even think of Percy (funny, I’m about to reread The Lightning Thief because I’m teaching it in the fall). Great pick.

  9. bftreviews says:

    I think you’d be crazy not to have Percy and Katniss with you. Great list!
    My TTT

  10. We totally have some similar ideas. I’d also want Percy Jackson. He would be able to get me off that island. Also Hermione Granger!

  11. Amazing picks! I didn’t even think of Addison but she’s an amazing choice because she’d know exactly what we should do! I’m sad I didn’t think of her. Katniss made my list, she’d definitely be able to handle it and I would have her on hunting duty. Aragorn is a brilliant pick as well, I would have him on the island just for eye candy if I’m honest. Here’s my TTT.

  12. Ah, I totally forgot about how useful Percy Jackson would be. Dang it–how did I forget the guy who can breathe underwater?! Haha, nice list!

  13. BringMyBooks says:

    I’m seeing a lot of Hermione Granger on other TTTs, but this is the first one I’ve found Aragorn on. Yaaaaaaayyy for thinking alike! (Also, Edmund – what a unique pick! I’m guessing that would be post Lion, Witch & Wardrobe? ;) Great list, Merin!

    Here are the characters hanging out with me on my deserted island, if you’d like to check them out!

  14. Lisa says:

    This is such a good list! I especially like the last one. I would have never thought to add Addison to a list like this, but that’s a brilliant choice. :D

  15. I’ve only heard things about Pivot Point but that’s definitely a good use of the ability if you wanted to legitimately try to find a way home off the island (and not resorting to Percy or Hermione).

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

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