A Week in Bookstagrams

bookstagramsbannerSo I’ve decided that, on the weeks I don’t do a Merin’s Musing post, I’m going to share my favorite Book Photo Challenge posts from my Tumblr with you all. I’ll include the picture  and a note about what topic it covered for the challenge. Since August is nearly over, I’m going to share my favorites from the month, but usually it will be a week’s worth of pictures, hence the title for this new feature. Here we go!

[NOTE: Click the pictures to see them at full size!]

bookshelf bookmarks favcover favauthor readingoutside backtoschoolreads favfandom coffeeorteabookrec booksetinstl august25

Row 1: Bookshelf | Bookmarks
Row 2: Favorite Cover | Favorite Author
Row 3: Reading Outside | Back to School Reads
Row 4: Favorite Fandom | Coffee or Tea?
Row 5: Book Recommendation | A Book Set in Your State or Town
Row 6: Me Reading

So those are my favorites! If you’re curious, you can see all the rest of my Book Photo Challenge posts – dating back to July, which is when I started participating in the challenge – by checking out my tag HERE on my Tumblr!

What one do you like best? Do you take part in any bookish photo challenges? If so, please link me to your entries!


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