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This month’s State of Me post is going to be a bit different, because I’m going to use it to talk about my bookish goals for 2015, since I didn’t participate in the Top Ten Tuesday post that covered this subject. (Also, I’m kind of anal and like to see things written out in list format, so.) I really tried to rein in my tendencies to overdo things, so this will be short and simple, as I figure that’s the best way to success.


1) Read More Books. Simple enough, right? In 2014 I only managed to read 21 books. This is a seriously low number for me – I can usually manage at least 50 in a year – but 2014 was full of changes and adjustments with my job and I just really found my interest in reading (and blogging) waning. So this year my goal is to simply read more books. 50 would be ideal – it’s my Goodreads Challenge Goal – but honestly I’ll just take any number bigger than 21!

2) Complete [3] Reading Challenges. I’ve listed the challenges I’ve signed up for HERE on my Challenges page. I’ve only entered the TBR Pile Challenge – see the goal below this one – the Debut Author Challenge and the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I want to keep things manageable and as stress-free as possible and figured limiting the challenges I sign up for would be a good starting point.

3) Read more of my OWN books. I have several piles of books in my bedroom of books that I need to read. So in 2015 I’m really going to focus on those titles to try to trim those piles down (hence signing up for the TBR Pile Challenge). That’s not to say I won’t still be buying new books, or utilizing my library, or even requesting galleys (once I’ve made a dent in the ones I already have), but I’m really going to try to limit the amount of new titles coming into my collection. It’s time to give those books I’ve already purchased some of my undivided attention!

4) Blog more consistently. I pretty much got myself back onto a posting schedule towards the end of 2014, but still sometimes struggled with getting reviews written and posted (due to the whole “not reading” thing). So this year I just want to consistently put up new content on my blog and really stick to my posting schedule.

5) Read what I want to read, when I want to read it. In 2015 – aside from the galleys I’ve already promised I’d read and review – I am throwing away my reading schedule. I don’t like being forced to read things – I think that sort of attributed to the ridiculously long reading slump I was mired in throughout last year – and the pressure to get galleys read and reviewed in a timely manner just cause undue pressure. Reading is supposed to be fun, and an escape from reality – including pressure and stress and everything else – so this year I am going to stop reading for others and just read for me.

6) Remember what it is I love about reading. This year is going to be all about me. And I mean that in as much of a non-arrogant way as possible. I’m going to read my books, when I want to read them, and am going to write reviews that I hope get others interested, even if the books aren’t the hot new releases or coveted books. Mostly I want to remember how much fun it is to get engrossed in a book and forget the world around you for a bit, because even when I read last year that feeling was fleeting and far between. So for me, the main goal in 2015 is to simply remember what it feels like to be in love with books and reading!

Also, let me just share this next thing:


This is the first time since 2013 that I’ve gotten that “ahead of schedule” message on my Goodreads challenge. I just had to post it for posterity. :)

So those are my bookish goals for 2015! If you posted yours (even if they were through Top Ten Tuesday), can you please link me so I can pop by and read them? I always love to see the things fellow readers and bloggers hope to accomplish in the new year.


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3 Responses to State of Merin

  1. HOLLY says:

    My goals for 2015 have a similar vibe to yours- I’m reeling it back this year and focusing on quality, not quantity. I especially agree with your goal of reading more of your own books. I own so many books that I’ve been meaning to read FOREVER, and this year I’m making a point of finally doing so!
    If you’re interested, here’s my TTT of 2015 goals:

  2. I totally get what you mean about reading what you want when you want. Sometimes I feel pressure to read a certain thing. Sometimes it’s because it is a review book, but I’ve been able to really curb my requesting of eARCs over the last year. But a lot of time, when I read something, I think would people be interested in reading this review. And then I feel bad because I should read what I want, regardless of if anyone wants to read what my thoughts are on the book.

    But I think this is going to be a better reading year for you. It’s hard to concentrate on reading when you’re stressed about things.

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