State of Merin


Good grief, how on earth is it MARCH already? I feel like I was just making one of these posts for February and now I’m turning around and posting another one. It’s crazy how the year is flying by! I’m nearing the end of 3rd Quarter with my kiddos at work, and it’s just hit me how much I need to get done before next Friday. So much to do, so little time!

I feel like I always start these posts with a mini wrap-up for the previous month in terms of my blogging, so here we go: I’m pleased that I managed to post every day I meant to except one. I once again read four books in the month, so am still ahead in my Goodreads challenge, and am feeling fairly good about things. I still definitely have moments where I don’t actually WANT to read, but I’ve thus far been able to push through them. I think it helps that I’ve started listening to audiobooks; I may not get through them very quickly – it tends to take at least a month because I only really listen to them Monday through Friday, with some Sundays – but it helps me get at least a tiny bit of reading done most days, even if I don’t crack open a book or pick up my Kindle. Right now I’m working my way through Cress, and while I’m only on Chapter 9, I have listened each day this week. Of course, the book is 550 pages long, so it’ll be April before I’m finished, but. A little reading is better than no reading, amiright?

In my non-blog life, I am still consumed with work. The quarter is almost over which once again means report cards and the horridness that is writing report card comments. Here’s an e-card that I feel is perfect:

reportcardcommentsHa. Not that I would ever write anything like that of course. :D

In non-work related news, I have fallen head first into the abyss that is Supernatural. I’ve been watching the episodes on TNT and have almost caught up on the current season; still have one episode on my DVR to watch. I like it because there is really awesome eye candy (hello, Jensen Ackles) and it’s also kind of mindless and fun and entertaining. All in all, watching Sam and Dean do their family business thing is a nice way for me to decompress in the evenings after work, and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t watch the show sooner. I am also still getting over the Cold From Hell that I’ve had for over two weeks now, which caused me to miss three days of work. I’ve progressed from headaches, congestion, exhaustion, and a runny nose, to coughing that’s been so bad that I’ve actually pulled a muscle in my ribcage. Fun times, let me tell you! I’ll just be glad to finally be healthy again. The joys of being a teacher: having LOTS of little ones who are more than willing to share their germs with you!

All in all, aside from the lingering cold, I’m feeling pretty good about life. Hopefully things will continue along that same path!


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3 Responses to State of Merin

  1. Shannon says:

    You are one brave viewer, because Supernatural put me through emotional hell so I gave up around season 8 or so. Good luck with finishing Cress, I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

    • Merin says:

      Ha, I know. Some of the seasons are definitely more painful than others. I’m pretty partial to seasons 1-3 myself, since Sam and Dean were so woobie and adorable, and have been picking and choosing the episodes to watch after that. Season 4 is hard for me since I know what’s going to happen, so I haven’t seen that one all the way through yet. Maybe some day. :)

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