State of Merin


New month, new State of Merin post! How on earth is it already May? I am in the final stretch of the school year – counting today there are only 16 days of school left! This means I am about to become extremely busy with assessing my students – most of them have to be done individually so it’s extremely time-consuming – and also have to start packing up my room for the summer. Hard to believe we’re almost at the end.

I am also one month and two days away from my trip to Disney World and Universal Studios! I’m ridiculously excited about it – Disney World is probably my favorite place in existence – and as it gets closer my excitement just ramps up even more. I am also looking forward to the Bout of Books read-a-thon next week, although I’m not sure how much I’ll actually get read considering the busy-ness of work and all that entails. I will be posting my to-read list and sign-up post for the read-a-thon tomorrow, should you be interested in what I’m thinking of reading.

For those curious about the exercise front that I mentioned last month, I have been riding my exercise bike, although not as consistently as I’d hoped. It’s difficult when you’re balancing evening events (I’ve been to two Cardinals games, and also had some evening school functions that made it impossible to get in any exercise), but I don’t think I have anything else planned over the next month aside from an eye exam, so hopefully I can fit it in each evening.

In other news, I got a hair cut! This is big news for me, because it’s been a long time since I’ve chopped off a significant amount. I still have what’s considered long hair, but I did get 7 inches taken off, so. Here’s a picture!

haircutNow I just have to figure out how to style it, since I don’t have the weight holding it down anymore.

And that’s about it for me this month! I will be back in June with another State of Me post. Happy May, everyone! ♥


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