June in Review + Upcoming in July


Hello, everyone! I am back from my hiatus last month, and am looking forward to getting back to blogging! I’m going to use this post to do my usual recap – which is very brief – and to also give a heads-up as far as what you can expect around here in July. So, onward and upward!


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I am unofficially calling July “Catch Up on Series” Month here on Read and Reviewed, because as I was going through my TBR, I realized just how many sequels I own and haven’t yet read. These include galleys I requested ages ago and never read, as well as books I myself have purchased and then left to languish in piles or on my shelves. So, this month, I am going to focus on finishing up some series. I am currently working on finishing Cress, and then will be reading Between the Spark and the Burn. After that I’m a little more up in the air, although I do have a tentative list of titles I’m looking at.

What this means as far as reviews go is that, for the next several weeks at least, my reviews are all going to be for books in series. Some of these series are old, some of them newer, but ALL will be series books. I will promise no huge spoilers in my reviews – I tend to avoid those in all my reviews anyway – and hope you’ll still pop in to read them, even if the books aren’t necessarily on your TBRs.

I am also going to make a concerted effort to get back to visiting other blogs. I have been TERRIBLE about this of late – I don’t even know when the last time was that I checked my blog feed – and really want to change that. So if you see my leaving comments on posts and whatnot that’s what that is. I am also thinking about changing Wednesday memes – I’ve been doing Waiting on Wednesday since I started my blog, but am kind of burned out. So I might try the WWW meme instead, at least for this month.

Everything else will remain the same. I want to thank everyone who has stuck around and continued to follow my blog through the last year+ when my posting has at times been extremely sporadic, and also want to say a big giant HELLO! to all my new followers who have somehow found me, even though I haven’t been posting much. I hope all of you enjoy your stay! ♥


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