Summer Read-A-Thon TBR List

summerreadathonbannerYesterday was the start of booksandeverything-in-between‘s Summer Read-A-Thon, which is happening over on Tumblr, so I wanted to make a post detailing the books I’m going to read and give you a heads-up on how you can follow my reading progress, should you be interested.


cress betweenthespark thisshatteredworld darklight conspiracyofbloodandsmoke crownofmidnight serpentsshadow ruinandrising

As I mentioned yesterday, July for me is going to be all about catching up on series, so all of these books are series books. Gotta start cleaning up my TBR! My goal is to read [4] books during this read-a-thon, and I’m almost done with my first one, so. Here’s hoping I can do it!

If you’re interested in following my read-a-thon progress, you can do so by going HERE!


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4 Responses to Summer Read-A-Thon TBR List

  1. HOLLY says:

    I can’t wait to see what you think of This Shattered World- it’s supposed to be awesome! Happy reading! :)

    • Merin says:

      I actually tried to read it a while back and could NOT get into it. So I’m going to try it again, because I LOVED These Broken Stars and will be so sad if I don’t feel the same about the sequel!

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