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Welcome, October! It’s hard to believe that it’s the start of yet another month! First quarter at my school ends tomorrow, which means report cards are literally right around the corner; in fact, I have to have them finished by the 16th in order to have them ready and printed for parent-teacher conferences. If you’ve been a follower of this blog for any length of time you probably know how much I loathe doing my report card comments; luckily, for first quarter, I get to avoid this because we meet with the parents face-to-face, so I don’t have to spend the (ridiculously long) time crafting the comments this go ’round. Thank goodness!

I am a huge fan of the month of October in general, mostly due to the fall-inspired things that come out (hello, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING), and also all of the Halloween paraphernalia that you start seeing around the neighborhood (and also in stores). Also, hello, postseason baseball! That’s definitely a favorite. And Supernatural premiered last night as well (haven’t watched yet because I was watching the NL Wildcard Game instead), so all in all October brings about a few of my very favorite things.

This October I am going to focus on reading some books that I’ve been meaning to read the last several Octobers. Most notably on this list is Anna Dressed in Blood, which I’ve been wanting to read the past three Halloweens and have never managed. If I get to nothing else on my TBR list for Fall, I’m going to knock that one out! I’m also listening to The Scorpio Races, which, since it’s set during the fall, also seems appropriate. I shared my Fall TBR HERE, so if you wanted to take a look-see and let me know which titles you’d definitely recommend I try to get to this month, please feel free to do so!

And that’s all for me this month! I hope you have a fabulous October! ♥


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