Merin’s Mid-Week Musings #12


Mid-Week Musings is a new(ish) feature here at Read and Reviewed, where I sum up my reading for the past week and introduce a topic for discussion. It is inspired by Musing Mondays over at A Daily Rhythm and her previous WWW Wednesday meme, which has been discontinued.



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Reading Challenges! Since it’s the beginning of a new year, the talk about Reading Challenges is prevalent across the blogosphere. It makes me curious regarding how many of you a) participate in Reading Challenges and b) actually reach your goals by the end of the year. For me, I signed up for three challenges last year – TBR Pile, Debut Author, and Goodreads – and was able to complete two of three. This year I decided not to do the Debut Author Challenge, simply because I’m trying to stay away from galley sites and also am trying to curtail the number of books I outright purchase, but decided to do the TBR Pile Challenge because it’s more in line with my other goals for 2016.

So what about you? Do you participate in Reading Challenges? If so, which ones? Please link me in the comments!

And Happy 2016!


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1 Response to Merin’s Mid-Week Musings #12

  1. I’ve decided to only participate in three reading challenges this year, two of which I also joined in on last year. There’s Flights of Fantasy (which I co-host), the Re-read Challenge (which I love, because I like revisiting old favorites) and the PopSugar Reading Challenge (which will help diversify my reading this year… or I hope so). Good luck with your reading challenge! (YOU CAN DO IT!)

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