State of Merin


Somehow it has been two months since I made my last State of Me post – how did THAT happen? Apparently I was a bit more scatterbrained than I’d thought. So I shall now try to recap the last few months, in a nicely condensed form that’s easier to read. By which I mean, hello bullet points!

In the last two months I:

  • completed my Goodreads challenge for 2015
  • finished second quarter (and the resulting report cards AND report card comments)
  • got two new students, bringing my total to 21
  • watched copious amounts of reruns on WE, most notably Law and Order, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and CSI: Miami. David Caruso may be the worst actor in history, but I still have a made love affair with the show.
  • had my Winter Break from school, which is never long enough even though we get two weeks off
  • splurged on a new purse and work bag (yay, new bags!)
  • ordered new glasses, which just came in today (but I haven’t picked up yet)
  • gotten obsessed with playing Sims 4, although what I really love about it is designing interiors and making the houses look pretty. :)
  • Took a really nice selfie, which I’m sharing for posterity, because it doesn’t happen that often (ha)


So, not really a whole lot of excitement, but considering how tiring teaching can be – and how exhausting my students in particular are – I figure two low-key months without too much excitement is a good thing. I do apologize for taking a month+ off from blogging, but thankfully in that time I got some books read so that I can keep reviews up to date on my blog. I also will be slowly updating my Review Archive to add my newest reviews, since I haven’t done that in several months, either.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate) and that 2016 brings you nothing but good things! I’m hopeful that I can remain more active on here, with perhaps just a handful of small hiatuses when work things amp up. I will definitely let you know when I need to take a break instead of just disappearing, though!

Thanks to everyone who’s still following me here! I’m looking forward to bringing you lots more bookish content. ♥


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