Post #37: The Viper’s Nest

The Viper's Nest by Peter Lerangis [The 39 Clues, Book Seven]

Post number thirty-seven is for Peter Lerangis' The Viper's Nest, which is the seventh book in the 39 Clues series. I have been wanting to finish this series up for a long time, and finally decided a few days ago to do just that. Even though I should be reading things for my classes, I just … didn't want to. Call it a mental break, if you will, but I just love books that have suspense and danger and fun main characters, which are three elements that the classics I've been reading tend to lack.

Anyway, spoilers follow. I'll try to be as non-spoilery in them as possible.









Dan, Amy and Nellie spend the entirety of this book in South Africa, on the search for clues from Winston Churchill's past. While in South Africa, they tour a museum, learn their their parents were horrible people who are wanted for murder in South Africa (which leads Amy and Dan to question their past and what they thought they knew), and meet up with some old friends of Grace's (their Grandmother). They also spend a lot of time driving around, running away from the Kabras and Holts, and eventually finding the secret Tomas compound. They also decide once and for all that they really need to stop trusting their Uncle Alastair, which, imo is a no brainer, but that's just me. They're also reeling a bit over the death that occurred in the sixth book (which I can't remember if I mentioned, and so don't want to spoil). In the end, it's the same as always; with a bit of help from various folk (including Nellie, as usual) they get away with the clue and an idea of where to head next. They also figure out which branch of the family they belong to, which signals (even if the book's numbering did not) that we are nearing the end.

I love these books because they're fun; while there is literally danger around every corner, the mysteries the kids solve, and the clues they follow, and everything else make it a page-turner that I have a hard time putting down. Which is why I immediately followed this book up with the next one. :D

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