Post #13: Kin

The Good Neighbors, Book One: Kin by Holly Black and Ted Naifeh

Post number thirteen is for Holly Black and Ted Naifeh’s graphic novel, The Good Neighbors, Book One: Kin, which is one of the books I am going to use for my upcoming Book Talk Presentation for my YA Lit class. This book was interesting. It’s the first of three, so the plot doesn’t really get resolved at all. I’m curious about how it ends, but not curious enough to squeeze in reading the last two books just yet. Maybe when I don’t have so much other reading to do.

Slight spoilers follow.









So, I decided to use this as practice for my book talk on this book (we have to do a book talk on three to five different titles; this is the first one I’ve definitely decided to use). Here’s what I’ve come up with, and I welcome additions or edits, should you wish to give them.

Rue Silver is your typical, average girl until her mother suddenly disappears. Soon after, her father is charged with the murder of a local university student, and Rue discovers that her typical, average life isn’t so typical after all. Rue’s mother is a faerie, and she’s disappeared back into the Faerie realm. As Rue tries to uncover the truth not only about her mother’s disappearance, but also the truth behind the murdered university student, she’s drawn deeper into the Faerie world’s plot to destroy the humans and the world they live in. The first book of three, The Good Neighbors, Book One: Kin, introduces the reader to a world where mystery, danger and romance lurk around every corner.

Currently reading: Feed by M.T. Anderson [RR], Glimmerglass by Jenna Black

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