In My Mailbox (1)

I’m going to start doing a weekly post regarding the books I’ve picked up from the library or for review from NetGalley or Edelweiss. For right now, I’m planning on making this post each Sunday (am a day late today, but oh, well), but we’ll see how that goes. :)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme from The Story Siren where you can share your new acquisitions. They can come from anywhere: through the mail, via the library, purchased from a store, or downloaded as e-books.

Library Picks:

For Review:

I have loads of other books to review that I’ve received courtesy of NetGalley and Edelweiss, but these books are the ones I’m going to be focusing on the next couple of weeks, as they’re set to be released the soonest. I will post the other titles I’ve received in subsequent weeks, until they’re all posted.

I’ve also purchased a TON of books over the past few months, but don’t feel like writing up the HTML to post them. Needless to say, I really need to stop buying books. I normally get my books from the library, but sometimes don’t feel like waiting for them to order them and get them in. And sometimes the covers are just so darn pretty that I want them for my bookshelves. And then there are the daily Kindle deals from Amazon, and the freebies, and, and, and….

Anyway, this is enough for today, I think. :)

ALSO: Happy National Library Week! Make a trip to your local library and check out something new to read or watch in celebration!

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2 Responses to In My Mailbox (1)

  1. Andrea H. says:

    Great mailbox! I’ve read Between, Firelight, and Fury and enjoyed them all..I hope you do too!

    Here’s my Mailbox

    • I’m a little over half done with Firelight and am enjoying it. Since I’ve been in Grad school I’ve fallen behind on reading the new releases the past few years, so am trying to catch up. Glad you liked all of them; I’m looking forward to reading them!

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